Saturday, 27 December 2014

is it better on the red or green?

For Christmas this year I nearly bought the usual Xmas Jumper. But a few weeks before, I saw this article on Facebook and it was for a website called

They simply sell harshly underestimated suits, that is in the sense of, will people find this funny. The answer is yes.

My cousin, a double blog awards nominee, told me I needed to do more online social marketing. She was right, we didn't really tweet, had no online videos, never used our Facebook account etc.

So I started looking for things that I could tweet about. Everything became a possible topic. And this suit was really something, to me it screamed duochrome.

Anyway, I hope Santa was good to everyone, Merry Christmas, Grant + Tracy

Sunday, 16 March 2014

off and running at York Racecourse

We're on the move again and this time we're setup at the College of Optometrists annual Optometry Tomorrow conference. This year the event is running in York and the venue is the delightful York Racecourse.

With over 600 delegates we're expecting a busy event and a busy couple of days. Although we do have the gala dinner at the Railway Museum tonight, although i'll be on my best behaviour as usual.

Friday, 14 February 2014

100% flat out for 100% Optical

It's been a busy week in preparation for this event, not to mention the 8 hour drive from Scotland! We stop overnight in Leicester having left the office about 8pm on Wednesday night.

We arrived at the ExCel about 11am, this was the first exhibition where we came by car. Normally, we're in a big white hired van, although this time round we sent the entire stand by courier days before. Rather worryingly we got there and the stand hadn't!

It did eventually arrive and after fours hour of sitting on our very nice red carpet, we got to work. A lot of companies hire in their exhibition stands, or bring in people to build it for them. We own the stand and so we don't have that luxury so, yes that' me up the ladder.

Nearly there, by this stage in the build the electrics are all working, the computer network is wired in and all working well the DVD and TVs are ready to go.

Only just a few hours more and the entire place, not just our stand is completely transformed. Time to go grab some food and if i'm lucky a well deserved wine on the side. The finishing touches will be put in place the next morning.

That's us ready for opening, Happy Show everyone! (oh and happy Valentines)